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Eco symbolAt PuraSleep, our mission is to improve your life by improving your sleep. We believe you deserve the very best sleep products possible. Over three decades of product testing and customer feedback has gone into designing PuraSleep products. When you purchase a PuraSleep product you can rest assured you're getting the very latest technologies to address the common problems sleepers experience such as sleeping too hot, waking up sore and stiff, tossing and turning and feeling your partner's movements. Our advanced temperature control, breathable cooling foam, optimal orthopedic support and compression resistant pressure relieving foams are specially designed so you sleep better and wake up feeling energized.

At the same time, we are committed to the environment and your health and safety. Our innovative technologies include the use of plant based renewable materials in our foam. These bio- technologies also allow our products to be more easily recycled and to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional memory foam, inner spring or air controlled mattresses.

While many other memory foam manufacturers use toxic adhesives in their mattresses, PuraSleep mattresses are manufactured only with non-toxic water-based adhesives.In addition all of our manufacturing processes use clean-air technology.

PuraSleep mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified and have no harmful off -gassing or toxic odors. Any off gassing is almost non-existent, just possibly a harmless smell from the new foam manufacturing process which goes away within a few days with proper airing. The initial smell is normal and harmless. Our mattresses are not stored in warehouses for lengthy periods of time, you are receiving a brand new mattress fresh off the production line.

We believe in providing you with an eco-friendly product that has the superior quality, comfort, reliability and durability that you expect from your mattress. We continue to seek new and better ways to improve our processes and to provide you with the most environmentally safe and eco-conscious product possible.

Clean AirEart FriendlyPlant BasedMade In The USA


PuraSleep memory foam is not just another memory foam.

Traditional memory foams – many still being sold under well-known brand names today – have been associated with negative qualities that do not exist with PuraSleep memory foam mattresses. Poor foam quality, lack of support, heat buildup, toxic chemical smells….those are things of the past if you choose to treat yourself to the PuraSleep experience.

Traditional memory foams allow your body to sink into them…and sink, and sink! While they initially stretch under your body weight, they do not spring back and readjust to support your body while comfortably hugging your curves. Spring mattresses do not give at all, they push back at every pressure point on your body, leading to improper neck and spinal alignment, pain and a miserable night's sleep.

PuraSleep memory foam is engineered to evenly distribute your body weight, relieving pressure points and aiding circulation. Your body maintains proper alignment so that you toss and turn less.

Coolflow Graph

Our proprietary CoolFlow formulation significantly increases air circulation compared to standard memory foams, eliminating the heat buildup often associated with those mattresses.Built-in anti-microbial inhibitors protect you against allergens such as mold, mildew, fungus and dust mites. Our energy absorbing foam greatly decreases motion transfer and reduces sleep interruptions caused by movement in bed.

Think of it as your very own customized sleep system:our memory foam provides the perfect balance of superior quality, comfort and support to help you relax and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.You’ll wake feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.You’ll feel as if your mattress was made just for you…

… and at PuraSleep that’s our goal! We continually strive to improve our products and create a mattress that provides you not only with the best possible night’s sleep but also turns your bed into a favorite retreat within your home.We believe your bed is about much more than just sleep and hope you will celebrate life and enjoy many special moments in a PuraSleep bed.

Your Life. Our Bed.