PuraSleep and the Environment

Eco symbolPuraSleep memory foam mattresses are manufactured with a firm commitment to the environment and your health and safety.

Our innovative technologies include the use of plant based renewable materials in our foam.These bio- technologies also allow our products to be more easily recycled and to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional memory foam, inner spring or air controlled mattresses.

While many other memory foam manufacturers use toxic adhesives in their mattresses, PuraSleep mattresses are manufactured only with non-toxic water-based adhesives.In addition all of our manufacturing processes use clean-air technology.We are one of the very few if not the only US manufacturer to hold a clean air permit for the manufacture of memory foam.

PuraSleep mattresses have no unpleasant odors.We use proprietary state-of-the-art natural odor blocking materials which are blended into the foam itself to help eliminate not only the “chemical” odors associated with traditional memory foam products but also household and body odors.

We believe in providing you with an eco-friendly product that has the superior quality, comfort, reliability and durability that you expect from your mattress.We continue to seek new and better ways to improve our processes and to provide you with the most environmentally safe and eco-conscious product possible.
Clean AirEart FriendlyPlant BasedMade In The USA